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Year : 2014   |  Volume : 4   |  Issue : 1   |  Page : 13-19  

Health Technology Assessment in India: Present status and future perspectives

Shikha Baghel Chauhan S.S. Agrawal

Correspondence Address:Amity Institute of Pharmacy, Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

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DOI: 10.4103/2231-4040.197331


It is a cause of serious concern since the Health Budget in India is very meager in comparison to International Budget allocation, these results in OUT OF POCKET situation to many patients which are uninsured and falling below the poverty line. Development of Health technology Assessment can solve this problem by utilizing the direct investments to be pooled into the healthcare budget which can result in the maximum utilization of resources to the patients. This is the time of need to develop effective HTA system from the Govt. of India, which can only resolve the catastrophic OUT OF POCKET situations. The value of money and cost effectives can only be achieved after the implementation of effective HTA system. In this review, we would be highlighting the current position of HTA in India, the critical need felt by Indian for the effective HAT system and how this is going to be a long way in the development of healthcare sector in India. HTA is valuable tool as it takes into account several factors such as pricing; cost effectiveness, Budget allocations etc.

Keywords: Health technology Assessment, Cost-effectiveness, pricing, India

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