Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education & Research
Year : 2014   |  Volume : 4   |  Issue : 1   |  Page : 20-30  

Polymeric Nanoparticles as Promising Novel Carriers for Drug Delivery: An Overview

Meenakshi Dadwal

Correspondence Address:School of Pharmacy and Emerging Sciences, Baddi University of Emerging Sciences and Technology, Baddi (173205), Distt. Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India

Source of Support: None, Conflict of Interest: None

DOI: 10.4103/2231-4040.197331


Polymeric nanoparticles are particulate dispersions or solid particles with size in the range of 10-1000 nm. They represent a promising drug delivery system of controlled and targeted release. The use of polymeric nanoparticle for drug delivery is a strategy that aims to optimize therapeutic effects while minimizing adverse effects. Due to their small sizes, they exhibit unique physicochemical and biological properties like an enhanced reactive area as well as an ability to cross cell and tissue barriers, that make them a favourable material for biomedical applications. The present review focuses on methods of preparation, characterization and potential therapeutic applications of polymeric nanoparticles.

Keywords: Nanoparticles, Biodegradble polymers, Drug delivery, Characterization, Applications.

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