Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education & Research
Year : 2014   |  Volume : 4   |  Issue : 1   |  Page : 80-92  

Formulation and Evaluation of HPMC and Physillium Husk based floating tablets of Curcumin for Ulcer

P Sobhita Rani, T Neelima Rani, V Jayanth, Lavanya Reddy

Correspondence Address:Department of Pharmaceutics, C.M. College of Pharmacy, Maisammaguda, Dhulapally Secunderabad-500014, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Source of Support: None, Conflict of Interest: None

DOI: 10.4103/2231-4040.197331


The purpose of the present study was to develop floating matrix tablets for Curcumin using psyllium husk as release controlling polymer and to compare the release pattern with synthetic polymers like HPMC K15M and HPMC K100M. Formulations were prepared by wet granulation method and evaluated for floating lag time, swelling index, erosion, drug content and In-Vitro drug release profile. It was found that floating duration of the formulation containing psyllium husk alone was less than that containing similar concentration of HPMC K15M and HPMC K100M. Release rate of the formulation containing psyllium husk in combination with HPMC K15M more than the formulation containing similar amount of HPMC K100M. The In-Vitro release data and drug release mechanism of the optimized formulation followed the higuchi kinetics and matrix type respectively. It can be concluded that psyllium husk can be a promising polymer for gastro retentive floating drug delivery systems in combination with synthetic polymers.

Keywords: Curcumin, psyllium husk, floating lag time, floating drug delivery system, HPMC K15M & HPMC K 100M.

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